Suzi Winson


Suzi Winson is the Director and Co-founder of Circus Warehouse, a collaborative effort to produce the next generation of elite circus performers, bring circus to the broader public, and provide a space for the development of new and experimental works. She is also the Co-Founder/Director of Art and Circuses Gallery, an associated fine art space.
Suzi’s many past incarnations include professional ballet dancer, Broadway gypsy, street clown, small press poetry editor/publisher, political speech writer and, in recent years, aerialist, dance educator and arts champion.

Suzi produced 2009’s POEM: Poets on an Exchange Mission, a book and International performance festival of modern poetry translations

(in collaboration with the French American Cultural Exchange — FACE, where she was a trustee for many years). In 2011, she created and launched Circus Warehouse’s Aerial Text Experiments, performances mixing language and aerial arts. Aerial Text Experiments now takes place annually in conjunction with the viral, global phenomenon, 100 Thousand Poets for Change. In 2017 she was chosen as the Ringmistress at the Smithsonian Institute’s 50th annual Folk Life Festival celebrating Circus Arts in America. She is a director of Poets in Need, Inc., and a board member of Dzul Dance. As well as directing and managing Circus Warehouse, Suzi teaches most of the dance classes herself; from basic beginner ballet, pointe, partnering, specialized leaps and pirouettes lessons to professional-level dance with classical to modern repertory.

Her personal vision for Circus Warehouse has been to introduce a life of practice to a wide variety of adults, offering the highest level professional acrobatic and aerial coaching, and mixing in formal dance training, to create fully-rounded performers and artists. Since its inception in 2010, The Warehouse has trained a diverse group of practitioners, some have gone on to star in productions of Cirque du Soleil, Big Apple Circus, Ringling Bros., major dance companies, film and TV productions, while others have become dedicated athletes and have used the skills and discipline to evolve in their chosen directions.


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